NCC Horror Stories

Suffering at the hands of the NCC

To enact its grandiose plans, the NCC has no qualms about using every means at its disposal, and has presented many an object lesson on the virtually nonexistant property rights of the average Canadian citizen. In the 50's, the NCC expropriated vast acreages in the Ottawa region; it's still flipping the land at a hefty profit today. Have you been thrown off your land, only to have the NCC turn around and sell it to a developer for big bucks? We'd like to post your horror stories here.

Trail Blazers: We did what they wanted, but basically it was a waste of time.

The Munro Dairy Farm: That's the government and they did what they want. And they still do.

The Woodburn Dairy Farm: More consistent with accommodation of urban sprawl

44 Bolton Street: It's 'kind of stupid'